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Christmas Movies & Shows To Watch This December:

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Get into the Christmas spirit since Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas always brings presents, as well as endless movies & television shows. We have put together a list of the best movies and shows to watch this month:

1) Love Hard:

After talking to a guy on a dating app on the Amazing Internet, a woman decides to fly out for a visit. When she realizes she's been catfished and identities are scrambled, the regular guy agrees to make it up to her by setting her up with the guy she thought she was getting.

2) Boyfriends of Christmas Past :

Lauren is visited by ... well, the ghosts of her old boyfriends.

3) Christmas In My Heart :

A violinist and a "reclusive country music star" are "joined through the connective power of music." Sounds dangerous.

4) The Santa Stakeout :

Two undercover detectives (Tamera Mowry-Housley, Paul Campbell) put on a fake relationship as newlyweds to bust a string of ... holiday party heists?

5) Christmas in Harmony :

A woman named Harmony (yuuup) auditions for a chorus so she can perform music directed by her ex-boyfriend.

6) You, Me & The Christmas Trees

A headstrong expert on evergreens (cool job alert) heads to a man's family business, a tree farm, to help him save his trees from certain death.

7) Gingerbread Miracle

They are packing a lot into this one: His family business is a Mexican bakery that makes cookies that grant wishes. She's his old friend.

8) Next Stop, Christmas:

We all get frustrated with holiday travel, but this woman has a particularly peculiar experience: She gets on a magic train back to her hometown and goes 10 years into the past, where she gets to consider: What if she picked a different guy? (Note: The supporting cast includes Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson! In a time-travel movie!

That's all We have for today if We missed any good Movies Don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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